China Telecom a Makes Deal with Microsoft to Sell Xbox One


Microsoft finally is allowed to sell consoles in mainland China again after 14 years. China’s telecommunications company made a deal with Microsoft to lift the ban and will begin selling the new Xbox One consoles in September. For now, it is only certain that it will be available to China Telecom’s subscribers, which is roughly around 30 million people. However, Microsoft suggested that it may be offered to the general public too. The two companies have not established the selling price yet.

This event doesn’t seem surprising, just following China’s ban lift on the sale of gaming consoles last year. You could expect Sony to try and sell their PlayStation 4 in China, but no dates have been set yet. Sony has outsold Microsoft worldwide and countrywide. In fact, Microsoft tried to compete by offereing a Kinect-less Xbox One at a lower price and still wasn’t able to catch up. It will certainly be interesting to see if the new launch in China will bring the numbers back to Microsoft’s favor. China has over half a billion gamers, so it is very possible that this could happen.


What You Must Know About Minecraft

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With the popularity of computer games nowadays, indeed the majority of us have heard about Minecraft. From the time when the game was launched in 2009, the number of aficionados who saw how fun it is to play the game increased every day. For men and women who enjoyed the game for years, playing online in a multiplayer server is a way to experience new dynamics in playability. In the event that you start your own Minecraft server, it is worthy to note that you must purchase one with strong computer hardware to benefit the most from this game. You can choose from the myriad of dedicated or virtual private servers to run your server, but don’t go for the cheapest ones because you probably will need DDOS protection and higher-end virtualization technologies.

By having players other than yourself, it prepares the game for more fun and exciting things to do, as you can interact and compete with other gamers. For example, you could set the game mode to creative or survival, and could even switch maps to enjoy a new game mode altogether like Capture the Flag. Should you discover yourself too lazy to find admins and good maps/plugins, you can opt for other public servers to enjoy the game as well as to compete with the other players from different countries across the globe.

With the existence of the variety of servers around, so you can join most of them without problems. However, it is advised to create your own server so you can do it yourself every bit of the way and develop your own set of modes for the game. You will have limited benefits or perks when playing on the public servers because you will have to follow somebody else’s game rules. With your own server, you can do whatever you please and have your colleagues run the game in accordance with your principles. You can still switch the regulations whenever you desire.

You can actually set up a server using your personal computer from home. One consequence is that your home network may suffer lag due to your server’s bandwith requirements. For a new home server, you can either purchase a new computer or employ the existing computer that you use for running computer games. However, dozens of individuals recommended the employment of another computer for the Minecraft server because running the host can cause stress on the PC and cause lag for everyone playing on it.

Aside from the PC, you also require specific software applications that lets players connect to the game and role-play with other players. Such software include plugins or mods that enable protection against greifing, hacking, and other abuse. Other than the application software created by developers of the game, you can also install one from those freely available in the unofficial Minecraft forums.